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uvex sportstyle 706 CV V


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The uvex sportstyle 706 CV V sunglasses combine uvex colorvision® lens technology with the completely automatic tinting of uvex variomatic® lenses.  Ultimate contrast enhancement, automatic tinting, and anti-fog coating gives you everything you need for demanding performance in changeable conditions.

Uvex colorvision® lenses enhance contrast and provide vibrant color and sharp details so you can perceive any unevenness, obstacles, and light signals more quickly. Variomatic® technology enables the lenses to automatically shift from light to dark in seconds to adapt to changing light conditions, while supravision® antifog coating, plus ventilation cut-outs at the edge of the lens, ensure your uvex sportstyle 706 CV V sunglasses stay clear, without fogging. The lenses also prevent 100% of harmful UVA, UVB or UVC rays from reaching the eye. The uvex sportstyle 706 CV V are designed for the athlete with an all-weather training plan - they even fit perfectly under your uvex helmet.

Special Features:

uvex colorvision®
uvex variomatic®
uvex supravision®

Available in black and clear. One size.