uvex riding gloves

Tournament or training session. On or off the trail. Through streams or rain showers. Whatever your discipline, wherever you ride, the secure grip and comfortable fit of uvex riding gloves can be relied on.

Whether you prefer a short, athletic style, like the uvex ceravent, or an elegant design, like the uvex sportstyle diamond with original Swarovski® crystals: protect your hands with the lightweight and durable uvex riding gloves.

uvex sumair


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Sweat and moisture shouldn’t get in the way of a firm, flexible grip: the new uvex sumair’s material mix lives up to its promise.

Sweat and moisture are part of any athletic performance. In riding especially, the rider’s hands come in contact with perspiration from both rider and horse. The new uvex sumair gloves combat this problem with high-tech materials. The gloves’ breathable mesh material generously covers the outer hand and thumb to wick away any moisture that may accumulate during your ride. On the palm and between the fingers, an equally thin, high-quality polyurethane ensures extreme resistance to slipping and abrasion, offering a firm grip whilst maintaining sensitivity. No matter how hard your workout is, these gloves will keep you in control.

Their advanced material composition, with glossy black detailing and clean, sporty lines make these gloves as stylish as they are functional. The uvex sumair also has a short cuff for a smart look, even in warm weather.

Available in black/black, black/blue, and black/pink.